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We provide a confidential service for clients. In fact, we sign in most cases a confidentiality agreement that we take very seriously. Some business owners do not want it known that they've used a management consulting firm to assist them. We respect their feelings. Other clients, however, allow us to describe our work with them. Some of those companies are:



  Alphagetriebe GmbH

  • Developed comprehensive market and technology analysis including guidelines for future expansion strategies.
  • Educated company's management in the needs of gearboxes and servo drives in optical disc manufacturing.

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  Bertelsmann Storage Media GmbH

  • Consulted technically the international divisions.
  • Planned and supervised projects during construction of new manufacturing facilities, reconstruction of existing plant, and modernization of existing production lines.
  • Planned, constructed and oversaw startup of CD Manufacturing facilities in:
    • Mexico City, Mexico - 1991
    • São Paulo, Brazil - 1992
    Responsibilities included but were not limited to selection of location and building, planning and construction of facility layouts and necessary infrastructures.
  • Negotiated, with authorities to obtain all necessary permits; selection and purchase of manufacturing equipment and infrastructure.
  • Ensured optimization of material flows, processes and efficiencies.
  • Supported international divisions in international purchases of equipment and MRO items, as well as calculation of capital (ROI) projects.
  • Trained local personnel; remained within the assigned budget.
  • Transferred new facilities, after becoming operational, to local management.

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  eVineyard, LLC

  • Helped integrating the acquisition of a competitor into the existing environment.
  • Automated company's eleven logistic centers by installing a new binning and warehousing system and establishing common work procedures.
  • Selected the location and building for a new logistics center in Napa, CA. Planned and constructed the facility layouts including all necessary infrastructures and moved the existing logistics center from Hayward, CA to the new location.
  • Conducted a feasibility study and developed a business plan for an online & offline wine auction house.

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  Graffix Media, Inc.

  • Helped developing a business plan for a new machine building business.

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  Secure Media Products, LLC

  • Evaluated acquisition of foreign competitor and integration into local company.
  • Provided market analysis and price analysis for goods sold.
  • Provided supplier contacts and helped establishing a Supplier Management Program.

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  Sonopress GmbH

  • Developed and implemented hard- and software for ERP systems.
  • Integrated ERP systems into existing MIS environment.
  • Supported and trained MIS users in all departments of the company.
  • Selected, installed and implemented the necessary hardware and software for CD-ROM pre-mastering and manufacturing.
  • Integrated CD-ROM manufacturing into CD-Audio manufacturing.

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  Sonopress Ireland Ltd.

  • Reengineered and reorganized the company.
  • Increased productivity by 40%.
  • Built another CD facility in Ireland for a major Sonopress customer.

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  Sonopress, LLC

  • Evaluated the location, planned, constructed, and started up a new CD Manufacturing facility, including Packaging, Kitting and Fulfillment Operations, in Sparks, NV. The Project included: Lease of building, obtaining necessary building and business permits, purchase of necessary equipment and infrastructure, selection and training of local personnel, staying within the assigned Project Budget.
  • Assisted the President & CEO in development of new business opportunities (e.g. filmed product, DVD, West Coast opportunities, etc.) as well as with SAP projects.
  • Developed strategy to ensure sufficient production capacity of the entire company.
  • Reduced inventory and manufacturing lead-times and costs, guaranteeing on time deliveries.
  • Ensured optimum utilization of labor and equipment throughout the company, along with fulfillment rates.
  • Developed production schedules and priorities for all manufacturing areas.
  • Planned, constructed and oversaw startup of CD manufacturing facility in Weaverville, NC, and increased its CD capacity to more than 200M in a three years period while staying within the assigned budget.
  • Developed strategy to improve Production Process/Productivity as well as Budget and Cost Controls.
  • Established production procedures and production priorities; coordinated production and ISO 9000 registration activities.
  • Reviewed and analyzed production reports to determine any non-conformity or operation problems; revised production schedules and priorities as a result of operating problems or equipment failures.

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